27 December 2008

nancybird's new season

In addition to our current jewellery sale, for the next two weeks we will be having a 20% reduction on all Spring/Summer Nancybird stock (cash sales only).

Even more exciting than that is the new Autumn/Winter which landed on my doorstep this morning. Glory, its totally gorgeous.

This seasons range is inspired by the warm layered texture and colours of Autumn. Fabrics are all hand printed in Melbourne, using upholstory grade cotton from small Sri Lankan fair trade textile mill, running since 1958. The fabric has been completely hand made by women local to the area. All dyes and inks used are non-toxic and water based.

The leathers used are a combination of soft vegetable tanned Italian sheep hide, and embossed cow leather, all custom made just for this seasons collection. Vegetable tanning has a lower environmental impact than other tanning processes and produces a high quality soft feel leather.

10 December 2008

09 December 2008

only midge

the lovely miranda bourke makes a gorgeous bunch of bags using a combination of vintage, japanease and retro textiles and finishes them with soft leather and australian wood.
her latest range (which we are totally obsessed with) reinvents the classic leather satchel. its classic, robust and quietly seductive.

st kilda

in nora kogans words, "i grew up in house by the black sea where my grandfather collected books, my father collected knives and my mother collected jewellery." what followed was a personal oddessy that is a little mind boggling to say the least (check out www.stkildajewelry.com for more). happily, the most recent chapter is nora's sublime collection of heirlooms, which find a loving home at arbor redux.

vanessa montiel

born in mexico and trained as an artist in california and london, vanessa travels the world in pursuit of brilliant colors and perfect surf. her jewelry is hand crafted, inspired by natures botanical mysteries and revels in elegance and grace. her signature material is water buffolo horn from Sumatra (buffello takes the place of beef round these parts, so rest assured the horn is a well utilised bi-product), which she carves into exquisit shapes and patterns.

iggy & lou lou

the treasures by iggy & lou lou draw on the rich history of procelein. their work celebrates a myriod of contrasts- love and loss, pleasure and fear, beauty and death. their collections are rich with historic references, decorative themes and narratives... from ocean depths to forest folk, 16th century momento mori, and the black and white character of film noir - influences imbue each piece with the presence of a much loved heirloom.

stephanie winther

in contributing to the pool of handmade treasures, stephanie tends not to premeditate her jewellery. rather, she lets the metal guide her and gently steers the ship from time to time.

red cloud designs

michelle saunders has taken the loved charm to new heights with these gorgeous necklaces. choose from globes, genie lamps, animate skeletons, bambi... you name it.

robotica factory

okt-ober dee

okt-ober dee is a one-girl show. designer lauren ferry completed her ba in design at melbourne’s RMIT uni in 2002. such a background brings with it a process of exploration and development. lauren applies this process to every product and introduces non-traditional solutions to the concept of accessories. what results is okt-ober dee's ever-evolving vision of individuality, teamed with aesthetic beauty, balance and proportion. check it.

07 December 2008

ellinor mazza

using traditional techniques, ellinor mazza’s jewellery explores different ways to transform and imprint precious metals. traces of stress can remain on the piece to emphasise the craft involved, as is the case with her signature bangle pictured above.

jennifer martin

based in melbourne, jennifer martin uses a variety of traditional silversmithing techniques to produce rare pieces of a whimsical nature. she works predominantly in silver, occasionally incorporating gold and a small brilliant cut tourmaline, sapphire and ruby's. martin's blue moon' (featured) ring has become a bit of an arbor redux fave...

04 December 2008

susan ewington

to begin with, i thought it might be appropriate to welcome a newbie to the arbor family of designers. susan ewington finished her NMIT diploma in 2007 and has just launched a stunning range of silver and gold jewellery. using a metal forming technique called anticlastic raising, susan has created an organic range tha t includes rings, bangles, hoop earrings, necklaces, a set of studs and a brooch. because of the nature of her technique, no two pieces will ever be identical. i've already claimed one of the rings for myself!

29 November 2008

arbor has a blog

phew... never thought it would happen, but i'm feeling pretty stoked that i managed to work out how the hell to make a blog (carla's modern dog blog, www.moderndogportrait.blogspot.com was the inspiration, thanks mate), still not totally sure what do with it. ramble on i suppose? post a few photos? throw a little news out there? i'm hoping that this blog might become a bit of an cyber epicentre for all things jewellery related... exhibitions, new kids on the block, general happenings etc etc. so hit me with any info that i might have missed out on (gretta@arborredux.com.au).