03 May 2012

Mother's Day at Arbor

The day when we appreciate our dearest and often long-suffering mothers is fast approaching. Last year I gave my mum some lovely handmade earrings and took her out for lunch at Ego Culinaria in Daylesford, a lovely cafe specialising in local produce. 

Here at Arbor we have some beautiful locally made pieces as well as a small international collection and some great bags from Nancybird and Elk. Here's a snapshot of what's hot in store right now...

 Freshwater pearl earrings, made at Arbor

 Delicate freshwater pearl pendants on sterling silver or gold-filled chains, made at Arbor

Sunggee Min's gumnut range, made in Northcote

 Sunggee Min's gumnut range, made in Northcote

 Sunggee Min's Hanji range, made in Northcote

 Nadine Treister's sterling silver and enamel earrings, made in Brunswick

  Nadine Treister's fishscale Kandinsky pendant, made in Brunswick

 Sagen chunky porcelain pendant set in sterling silver, made in Sweden

Some more of Sagen's porcelain and sterling silver pendants, made in Sweden

 Ellinor Mazza's sterling silver shape pendants on chain or silk, made in Melbourne

 Ellinor Mazza's bronze pendant and earrings with gold-filled hooks/chains, made in Melbourne

Susan Ewington sterling silver and beach glass long studs, made in Brunswick

 Susan Ewington's Mountain and Molehill earrings, made in Brunswick

 Luna Zucchi's domed bird and clouds pendant, made on the WestSide

 Luna Zucchi's assorted studs in sterling silver and vintage buttons, made on the WestSide

Tara Lofhelm's cast ribbon brooch, made in Brunswick

Tara Lofhelm's cast hessian and twine pendants, made in Brunswick