26 November 2009

krista mcrae

the sweet krista mcrae joined our flock not too long ago, and already she is the talk of the town. carla and i were her first, very satisified arbor customers, but many others have come under her spell. in particular, there is just something about the rock/cloud/flower series (see pic)... i have found it difficult to wear any other earrings since the gold clouds entered my life.
its hard to descibe why these earrings just feel so good to wear... krista clarifies the mystery somewhat by explaining that she enjoys creating work that feels good on, jewellery that makes the wearer aware of the weight, movement, warmth and coolness of the piece. still, words don't quite capture the experience.

25 November 2009

polly van der glas

in addition to having an awesome name, polly brings a hefty amount of quirk to arbor's collection. namely, an obsession with hair and teethe. very obscure indeed. in her words, 'these materials were once part of an intimate, elaborate maintenance ritual. hair and teethe were brushed, treated with colours and bleaches... when attached to the body they are central to social values of beauty yet when they become detached the meanings they hold drastically transform'. some food for thought, and her bits and pieces are pretty pretty too.

sparta place VIP night

10 November 2009

new shoppe hours

its warm! and we are open longer:
Monday 10-5
Tuesday 10-5
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-4
Please come again.